02 June 2010

Favorite Things - KITCHEN EDITION (part 3)

I've already told you about my favorite appliances, as well as my favorite gadgets. I'm going to round out my "Favorite Things - Kitchen Edition" posts by talking about what we actually eat on (& drink from).

1. Turvis Tumblers - I generally hate all plastic cups and much prefer glasses, but these are the best insulated cups! Just say no to cup sweat & yes to drinks that stay cold. They are a bit pricey (more so than many other insulated cups), but they work so much better, last longer, and are CUTE! We only have 4, but they are constantly being run through the dishwasher and are always on my gift wish list. We currently have NC State cups, because we love the Wolfpack! But I'd love to have some with sequin confetti or our monogram!

2. Vietri Dishes - Have you heard of Vietri? I love it! It's so unique. It's technically our "everyday" dishes, but we don't use them every day. They are really pretty, but I don't trust my toddler with them and I've had an issue with it chipping in the dishwasher sometimes. I'm not sure if that's because some of it has come from the outlet (I live semi-close to the ONLY one!!) or if it's just a bit fragile since it's Italian Pottery. Either case, I like to use it for nicer dinners at home or when we're entertaining. I have a place setting for 6 in the "Rosso Vecchio" color, as well as 6 of the "Bianco" dinner plates. In a dream world, I'll finish out my place setting for 6 in the "Bianco" because it is SO pretty to mix&match. See what I mean??

3. Corelle Plates - It has taken me a while to come to grips with this. I fought the Corelle for quite some time, but they are just so stinkin' handy! Resistant to breaking and chipping, which means I can give this to my toddler and don't need silly kiddy plates. Completely dishwasher safe. A better alternative to paper plates. We've been using a set handed down to us from my in-laws (that my hubby used as a bachelor), but I'm finally setting it free since it's not really my style (blue & gray ring around the edge - definitely not my colors). It's older than my husband, so I don't feel too bad about getting rid of it. I ordered a set of plain white Corelle dishes, setting for 6. (I'd actually love to order another set or at least more plates, but I think I'll just add that and some of the serving plates to my "gift wish list".)  I think this gives me a very functional everyday dish, but still looks nice and will go with all kinds of colors in a tablescape (you know - when I actually set a tablescape - ha!).

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