04 February 2010

Super Bowl Yummies!

I love football. College more so than NFL, but I still enjoy it none the less. Good thing since my hubby is a football fanatic. You know what else I love - FOOD! And entertaining. And our families - they are both awesome. So the Super Bowl is a great way to celebrate all of those things in one evening! We're hosting a small Super Bowl Party for my hubby's family at our house. Quite convenient since Little Man goes to bed at 7pm. We won't have to leave early or  drive home late - perfect! 

So, now menu planning...my MIL is going to help me do the food so here's what we've come up with so far:

Buffalo Wings (homemade & not fried...SO much better than takeout)
Pizza ("Take & Bake" from Aldi - so tasty & only $5!)

Mozzarella Sticks (You MUST try these. They are delicious & totally worth the work.)
Hot Artichoke Dip 
Carrots & Celery (to go with the Buffalo Wings)
Fruit Tray
Something Sweet (haven't decided yet)

Check out lots of other Super Bowl food ideas at Life As Mom.

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