27 February 2010

Forced Room Makeover (aka White Duvet FAIL)

This was Master Bedroom. I loved this room...the wall color, the bedding, the dark wood...it all just made me happy. My hubby liked it too. It was a great middle ground for us. Truly a relaxing retreat in our own home.

I love this little pup 40lb Mutt.That face gets me every time. Plus he's a great snuggler when your hubby is a night owl. Sometimes I have to put this pup away when we have company because he's a bit too excitable. One day recently he decided he wasn't happy with being put away in our room (I thought it was better than being in his crate!) and decided to destroy my beautiful Pottery Barn bedding. The dog should be happy he is still alive.

Trying to be frugal, I thought I'd work with what we already have around here. I have a white duvet set from our pre-child days. I decided to go for it. I thought I could make it work like this. Please ignore the wrinkles. I really did iron this, but we SLEEP with this. It did not stay neat & pretty. I'm not a fan of these lamps. Much too streamlined & modern for my taste.

I went and bought this fabric. I love this fabric. It perfectly matches our wall color. I already own several things that could mix-n-match with this. Not only would it make cute accent pillows, but I even planned to frame a portion above the bed. 

So glad I haven't taken the time yet to chop up that pretty fabric, because we are just not meant to have a white duvet set. Our house is well lived in - definitely not a "museum" type house. A black furry dog that sheds constantly who likes to lounge around on our bed and sometimes has dirty feet does not do well with a white duvet. Our Little Man is constantly covered in crumbs, snot, and dirt also does not go with a white duvet. So, WHITE DUVET = FAIL.

So much for frugality. I want my bedroom retreat back. The search is on for bedding that matches our current wall color because I do NOT want to paint. This set is currently in the lead. It's much prettier in person, coordinates with our bedroom & bathroom wall colors, and we both like it. I'll update when our retreat is back in order.

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