06 January 2010

"You'll go broke buying bargains"

My FIL used to frequently quote that to me. At first I just ignored him because I LOVE to shop, but after a while it really started to sink in. He hasn't quoted me that in a long while, so either he's given up or I've gotten better about my shopping. Let's hope it's the latter :)

When I first started "couponing", I would get caught up in the coupon-madness and all the good deals I could get. Then I would get home, look at what I'd bought, and wonder, "What the heck am I going to do with some of this stuff?" I've gotten a bit smarter in my coupon ways. Now I only use my coupons on items that I already like and use. (For example, I'm a Colgate girl & I only like Colgate GEL toothpaste. I do not like actual toothPASTE. YUCK! No Crest or Aquafresh for me either. Just Colgate Gel, thank you very much.) My only exception to this rule is FREE items - I'll always get those. Even if I don't want them, I'll donate the items to Storehouse.

All of that lead in to show off my Harris Teeter Super Doubles deals. Starting today, the Teeter will double your coupons up to $1.98. So all those $1.00 coupons that just miss the triples cut off can get used up. You don't get nearly as many free items, but I tend to get good deals on some of our health & beauty items, especially when I combine the VIC specials & my coupons. Here's what I got!

Sun-Maid  Raisins (15oz box):  $1.62/box
Irish Spring Bar Soap (3-pack):  $0.69/3-pack
Colgate Toothpaste: $0.50/each
Gillette Shampoo: $2.49/bottle
Vive Pro Shampoo: $2.99/bottle
J&J Baby Wash: $1.00/bottle
Band-Aids: $0.50/box
Total Spent: $15.29 + tax
Total Saved: $32.08
(I really hope that math is right. I also bought milk, eggs, & BOGO strawberries while I was there & tried to subtract their costs)

I was a bit hesitant about this trip since I'm participating in the Pantry Challenge, but it was totally worth it to get those good deals on some of our favorite products.

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