07 January 2010

Got felt?

I promise I have more going on in my life than coupons, groceries, & cooking...even if my blog posts don't reflect that. I have an entire shelf of sewing projects waiting to be worked on, as well as Little Man's ABC Quilt I need to continue hand-quilting. And let's not even think about the bathrooms that I constantly avoid cleaning.

What is intriguing me most right now is the huge pile of felt that I got at a crazy cheap price at Joann's after Thanksgiving sale. I'm planning to make a lot of felt food to go with Little Man's kitchen he'll be getting for his birthday (in July - I'm a planner). I'm also planning to make a felt playhouse similar to this. I'm looking for some other felt crafts, so if you read this & have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!

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