07 June 2011

Flip Flop Woes & Wins

Last year I saw an adorable Interchangeable Flip Flop tutorial on Make It & Love It (one of my most favorite crafty blogs!). Her's looked so cute, but my version just didn't cut it.


I never really wore them and now, a year later, the adhesive isn't working anymore.


Bummer. They were in my Goodwill pile room (yes, after the garage cleanout a few weeks ago, I have a room FULL ready for a garage sale or Goodwill, currently Goodwill is winning out). 

Fast forward to today...I ran across this tutorial on Ucreate from The Mother Huddle.

Flip Flop Tut

Once I saw that, I knew the failed flops had to be rescued from the Goodwill room. A little cutting and knotting later, and voila! My own adorable pair!


I like this messy look, but the next pair I'm going to sew together first for less mess & threads. The anal retentiveness gets to me sometimes.


They look really cute on, but I'm going to spare you the pictures with my feet. You're welcome.


  1. Those are very cute! I know this is a terribly random place for this, but you email me? I have a cow question or two! My email is under my contact button on my blog! Thank you!

  2. Adorable! Makes me want to try this!