13 October 2010

Photo Class - Week 2

We spent a little more than half the class constructively critiquing each others photos during the second week of my photography class. This didn't really leave a ton of time to go over new material, but we did discuss exposure a bit more, including ISO, and the rule of thirds. Our assignment was to take 4 different shots of the same object and to take an interesting angle on an everyday object. I waited until the afternoon of class to complete my homework due to being out of town and struck down by a stomach bug, which means I only had naptime to work on it - not the best light. Oh well!

My four shots of the same object was of one of the Beauty Berry bushes in our front yard. Here are those 4...

This one is my favorite...love the berries & the picture doesn't do their color justice.

I attempted to take a shot of a crayon from the point. I pretty much failed, but I did get some questions answered, so I'll consider it a success.

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