27 December 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Are you still full from all the Christmas dinner foods? And don't even start talking about the desserts & Christmas goodies. We've had so much food I feel like I might have to roll around instead of walk for a few days. Tonight we were all tired of the "traditional" foods & ordered pizza - yum! The Little Man & I are still hanging out with my parents & fam for a few days, but my poor hubs is back at home & has to fend for himself a day or two this week. My mom was sweet enough to fix a big plate of food for him to take back with him, which of course he forgot.I'm sure he'll figure something out...even if it's just his mama who lives only 10 minutes away!

So, here's my tentative meal plan for our mixed up week:
Monday: Christmas Leftovers - most likely prime-rib & swiss cheese sandwhiches
Tuesday: PW Lasagna that's in the freezer & salad (BTW - got her cookbook for Christmas & I'm so excited to try some more of her recipes!)
Wednesday: Magic Pot Meal since I'll be shopping all day with the bestie
sidenote: I refer to my Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker as the "Magic Pot". It is amazing & can create DELICIOUS meals in your MICROWAVE which means it's FAST! Here is one of my favorite Magic Pot Meals for the winter, but I put my own spin on it using Yukon Gold Potatoes & White Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese (and much more than 4 oz!).
Thursday: Happy New Year's Eve! Undecided...
Friday: Pizza Night!

I have some major changes coming up for cutting our food budget (even more!) for 2010...check back to see my plans!

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  1. Ooooooh, prime rib sandwich- sounds delicious. I see that you are using food from your freezer. Good for you. Come visit and take my "Eating From My Freezer/Pantry Challenge".