08 December 2010

Sick Day

Today is a sick day for Little Man & me. We've already blown through 1.5 boxes of tissues yesterday and are well on our way to breaking that record today. I keep hearing pitiful cries of "nose running!" which means, "Mommy please come wipe my nose because snot is EVERYWHERE!!" Poor thing. I see lots of time on the couch for the two of us today and hopefully a long nap.

The one thing (probably the only thing) I really don't like about being a SAHM - no sick days. This isn't really an issue today since we're both sick, but it really stinks when mommy is feeling bad and a toddler is full of his usual energy. Occasionally when I've been on my death bed my husband will stay home, but I can only think of 1, maybe 2 days, in 2.5 years where that has happened. I am fortunate to have in-laws close by that can usually watch him if needed, but the irony is that I've only gotten extremely sick when my MIL has been off on a cross-country adventure.

There's needs to be a better solution for this problem...

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