29 December 2010

Canning Count 2010: Wrap-Up

I have a little box on the right side of my blog with my canning count for the year...a good chunk of it at least. I must have forgotten to add to it at some points (like when I canned apples), but oh well! I'm posting here for me to remember and compare in 2011.

Canning Count for 2010:

  • Strawberry Jam - 24+ half-pints (gave some away before I took inventory)
  • Sweet Cherries - 12 pints, 1 quart
  • Green Beans - 28 quarts
  • Kosher Dill Pickles - 18 pints
  • Bread & Butter Pickles - 13 pints
  • Salsa - 12 pints
  • Blackberry Jam - 6 half-pints
  • Peach Jam - 12 half-pints, 2 pints
  • Damson Jam - 6 half-pints

  • Even though I gave away tons of jam for presents, I still have too much. Don't can as much jam next year.
  • Can more apples in slices with the lightest syrup possible. They work great for apple crisps, pies, etc and can easily be pureed for delicious apple sauce.
  • Can more green beans. They can be a pain in the booty with all the snapping and pressure canning, but they are worth it!
  • If you have the freezer space, freeze the cherries rather than can them. They are just as good out of the freezer and a lot easier to mess with.
  • Pray for a good tomato year. Can more with tomatoes (remember 2009 - what a great tomato year!!), especially pasta sauce. Try to keep your tomatoes chunkier for the salsa. Can as many whole tomatoes as possible - YUM!

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