08 January 2010

Recipe Review: Homemade Pizza Success!

I have not had much luck making homemade pizza in the past. I just never get the dough quite right. Since I'm eating from the pantry this month and I had all the ingredients on hand, I decided I'd try it again.

I used the pizza dough recipe over at Little Birdie Secrets. SUCCESS! I threw in some garlic powder and Italian seasoning with the dough, which gave it a delicious flavor.I topped it with homemade pizza sauce (that I canned last summer), freshly grated mozzarella, and mini-pepperonis that I had leftover from a Sicilian Strata I made around Christmas. I was so surprised that you cooked it at such a high temperature (500-degrees!) the entire time, but that must have been the secret. My only complaint was the center was a little doughy,  not much, but not as done as I'd like. Next time I think I'll pre-cook it for 4-5 minutes instead of just 3.

Sorry there's no picture - it was gobbled up too quickly to snap one!

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