01 March 2010

Meal Plan Monday

It's that time again...time to plan meals for the week and hopefully replenish some of my freezer meals for the month of March. I've started a part-time job at the YMCA (yay! I finally got a membership for FREE!!!), but the only downside is the shift is during Little Man's naptime. That means I get no break in my day, so I've gotta get some things in order to make my day a little easier because after 2 hours in the pool with very excited 2nd graders, I'm beat! We also have our MOPS Spring Clothing Sale this Thursday - Saturday and since I organize all the volunteers & consignors, I have to have something easy for later this week. Oh yeah, and my hubby has meetings on Tuesday & Thursday evenings. I'm already tired just thinking about this week!

Here's what we're eating...
Monday: PW Lasagna (this is delicious and makes a HUGE pan, so I'll freeze half for a dinner later this month)
Tuesday: Chili (comfort food from the Crock Pot on a cold rainy/snowy day) - I'll freeze about half that will be left over.
Wednesday: De-constructed Broccoli Chicken (from the freezer)
Thursday: Potato Soup in the Pampered Chef Magic Pot (I'm not a consultant, I just love this thing!)
Friday: Pizza Night (trying out a new dough recipe in the Bread Maker)

Check out plenty of other meal plans at Org Junkie.

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