22 February 2010

At-Home Date Night

In honor of Valentines Day, I planned to do a couple of posts about romance, dating your husband, and love. However my blogging break got in the way. I did want to post about one of my favorite "dates" that we do pretty frequently. Let me preface by saying I'm by no means an expert, nor do I have a perfect marriage. This is just a happy housewife sharing one of her favorite ways to date her hubby - at home!

This date was fancier than most of our at-home dates, but it made it all the more fun and special. We shipped our Little Man to his grandparents, cooked a nice dinner, got dressed up, and even danced in the living room! Here are a few pictures from our most recent date night.

My hubby scored some major points by getting flowers on his way home from dropping off the Little Man...

I broke out the fine china & crystal and we even ate in the dining room (never happens around here)!


We cooked a nice dinner, but nothing that broke the bank: steak, baked potatoes (with plenty of toppings), sauteed mushrooms, and roasted broccoli. I had everything already here either for a previous meal that week or in the freezer since it was bought on sale.


We even got dressed up, put on the "Romance" music station on the TV, turned off all the lights and lit the house with candles. By all means, do NOT do any clean-up on your date night. Relax and enjoy each other!

The worst part is getting up the next morning to this...

But it is always TOTALLY worth it!

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  1. Great reminder to date at home!! Those flowers are beautiful. :)