28 February 2011

Recipe Review: Fried Pork Chops

I have some things going on that have left me in a non-bloggy mood recently, but I did want to share this quick recipe review with you. 

In celebration of these beautiful 70-degree days we've been having lately, we were going to grill pork chops tonight. Well a huge line of ugly storms blew through for a few hours cancelling those plans. Instead, I decided to forfeit my house over to the smells of hot grease mixed with flour and fry them (hello calories, you are delicious!). I used this Paula Deen Recipe and it was absolutely amazing! I let them sit in the buttermilk for a while and I think that really helped. So yummy!!

I didn't take any pictures, but they looked quite similar to these.

And now I'm off to burn every candle in my house hoping the smell will dissipate soon...

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