06 October 2010

Photo Class - Week 1

One of my 101 Goals is to take a photography class (#27). We've had a DSLR for almost a year now and I haven't gotten out of an automatic or scene setting yet. I'm determined to get better, so I signed up at the local arts center to take a DSLR 101 class. So far it's been pretty good & I'm learning quite a bit. I've been shooting without the little green "Auto" box, so that's a good step in the right direction!

Our first week we learned about Aperture and Shutter Speed. We were to practice shooting in both of those priority modes. Our assignment was to bring back 5 pictures: 
(1)Great Depth of Field  & (2)Shallow Depth of Field (both related to Aperture), 
(3)Showing motion & (4)Stopping motion (both related to Shutter Speed)
(5)a favorite picture that we've taken.

I'm sharing the photos I took to class. I'm not sharing them because I think they're prefect (or even really good). In fact, I totally missed the point of one of them and didn't do a good job at all with another. However, I'm learning and supposed to get more comfortable showing pictures I've taken...what a better format for sharing than my blog!

(1) Great Depth of Field (should have showed more depth - oops!)

(2)Shallow Depth of Field

 (3)Showing motion (I should have focused more on the bee - he's tiny in such a big picture, but his wings do show he's in motion)

(4)Stopping motion

(5)a favorite picture that I've taken in the past
not sure if I love the actual picture or just the subject

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