15 October 2010

Organizing My Week

Each Sunday afternoon/evening, I sit down to plan out our week. First I look at our family calendar (with the fun pictures from the previous year that everyone gets at Christmas from me) and see what we have going on. I transfer any events to my "week-at-a-glance" sheet that I created to fit my needs. That may seem redundant to some, but it helps me to focus just on this week. I add in things on this calendar that aren't on our big family calendar...preschool days, errands that need to be run, and various other items that aren't "worthy" of the family calendar. I add in our weekly menu (which I'm now planning monthly), make our grocery list, and I'm set! Something about getting it all on paper just gives me a calm because I'll know what to expect each day. 

I know I'm anal retentive and love to have an organized life. But, I'm curious...does anyone else do something similar?

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